Environ Body Sculpt Preparation Information & After Care Advice:




When having your first Environ Body Sculpt treatment you will be provided with the full and in-depth consultation to assess your needs and to check for contra-indications.
You will be asked to complete a consultation/ record card which will be referred to on future appointments. All information provided by you will be stored in strict accordance with the data protection act and will never share with any third parties.



The iiaa video below shows how the treatment will be carried out on the buttock and thigh area...

AFTERCARE ADVICE - Given to promote the best result from your treatment!

* Do not shower, swimming or using a sauna immediately after treatment, it is best to wait 24 hours if possible as the product can continue to work for up to 3 days.

* Do not use any heat treatments for 24 hours, sunbeds, steam rooms, waxing etc

* It is recommended that you avoid consuming fizzy drinks, alcohol, coffee, and tea for at least 36 hours.

* Only use creams, lotions or oils recommended by your therapist.

* Drinking plenty of water, squash, or herbal teas to help flush out any toxins.

* Try eating a healthy meal, including your 5 a day.

* Light exercise is advisable to help the lymphatic system flush out toxins. 

* For long term results it is recommended that you have a course rather than individual treatments.


After receiving your Body Sculpt Treatment, it is perfectly normal to experience any or all the following, known as contra-actions:

* Feeling tired or increased energy, (if you are experiencing tiredness please take care if driving).

* Increased bladder/bowel movements.

* Cold like symptoms.

* Headache, dizziness, or nausea (if experienced drink water!)

* Temperature changes


These reactions will last no longer than 24-48 hours, if you have any concerns immediately following your treatment please contact me on 0116 260 2000.

If you experience any spots or rashes for more than a week, please consult with your GP.




Prescription & Retail Products

For continued improvements we recommend the following homecare products which can be purchased from our salon:

Environ Dermalac lotion

Environ A,C&E Oil.

Environ Body Roll-CIT (this can also be given to the therapist to use during your salon treatment!)