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Eve Taylor Facials (Prices Below)

Eve Taylor has over forty years of skincare knowledge, this knowledge combined with the very best essential oil blends, Eve offers a safe and effective, problem specific solution to your skin needs.

Their products are only available through salon, spa and professional therapists. At Pamper Room we can also offer professional home care advice and recommendation to ensure you get the right product for the right reason to benefit and maintain your regime at home too.

All our facials are tailored to suit your skin requirements, for that concentrated protection and nourishment and each facial includes one complimentary treatments, you can choose from: 

  • Aromatic Hand Massage

  • Foot Cleanse with Aromawax Massage

  • Scalp Massage


Optional extras: Why not choose to have an additional add on treatment while your face mask is, just £5 each. 

  • Eye firming masque

  • Lip revitalising masque 

Eve Taylor products follow a criteria of being naturally safe and effective and adopt a contamination free packaging concept. They do not contain mineral oil, alcohol or artificial fragrances. 

Prescriptive Facials include the use of:

Eve Taylor® Ultra Soothing Facial -Dry & Sensitive Skin

Eve Taylor® Soothing Facial -Dry & Sensitive Skin

Eve Taylor® Purifying Facial – Oily Skin with black heads or breakouts

Eve Taylor® Balancing Facial -Normal & Combination Skin

Eve Taylor Facial Prices

Eve Taylor Express Prescriptive Facial 30 mins – £25

The perfect facial for the time compressed, this mini treatment will refresh the skin with aromatic cleansers then buff away dulling skin cells. A rapidly working masque will infuse the skin with nourishment before hydrating moisturisers protect the skin.



Eve Taylor Prescriptive Facial 55 mins - £38

A prescriptive facial tailored to your current skin condition to achieve the best skin possible. Aromatherapy products are selected to deeply cleanse, gently exfoliate and prepare the skin ready to absorb aromatic massage oils and luxurious facial masques. Skin is left replenished, hydrated and protected

Eve Taylor Intensive Cleansing Prescriptive Facial 75 mins – £48

Taking skin care one step further this treatment uses intensive exfoliants to resurface the skin leaving it smooth and soft. Using potent aromatic essential oil blends, powerful targeted serums and specialty masques customized to achieve intensive results, this treatment will leave your skin glowing.



Eve Taylor® Skin Quenching Facial 60 mins - £45

Restore the youthful glow to your skin with our Skin Quenching Facial. Plumps the skin and softens fine lines with moisture infusing hydrators. Ideal for both parched post-holiday skin and to prep skin before summer getaways.



Eve Taylor® Ultra Bright Facial 60 mins - £48

Illuminate and brighten dull, lack luster, pigmented skin with The Ultra Bright Facial. Professional resurfacing smooths and softens the skin ready for the infusion of Vitamin C rich serums and specialty masques. Illuminating moisturiser protects and re-energizes leaving the skin flawlessly radiant, bright and glowing.

All facials are available as a course of 6 with a 10% reduction when paid for in advance. 

Prescription & Retail Products

We will advise you on the best products for your specific skin concerns and see it as an essential part of the treatment. There is no hard sell, but you will leave knowing which products have been applied to your skin and which recommended homecare products will benefit your skin. Products are available to purchase to enhance your skincare routine and maintain the effects of your salon facial. 



Avoid wearing heavy makeup and touching your skin for up to 8 hours after your treatment.

Continue with your normal skincare routine.  

Drink plenty of water, squash or herbal teas to flush out any toxins after your treatment

Avoid extreme heat and cold (Hot baths/Showers, Steam Rooms, Sauna's and Jacuzzi's for up to 24 hours.

Avoid exposure to UV light, including sunbeds and sunbathing for at lat 12 hours.

Avoid smoking for as long as possible.

Avoid strenuous exercise and allow time to rest and relax mentally and physically.

For long term results book in for regular monthly treatments (or as advised).

Your skin will benefit further by following your prescription home care product advice.