Beauty Treatments - Eyes & Brows

* Patch Test Required - All of the below treatments require a 48 hour patch test if you have not have the treatment carried out by Pamper Room before or within the last 6 months.

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Classic Individual Eyelash Extension* 

We will apply one single synthetic lash to one of your own natural lashes, by using this method you will maintain healthy lash growth. The synthetic lashes shed with your own natural lash loss. 

We recommend regular infill maintenance every 2-3 weeks following your initial application. 

Full Set (up to 2 hours) with a Senior Lash Technician - £55

Full Set (up to 2 hours) with a Lash Technician - £48

Half Set (up to 90 mins) Senior Lash Technician- £40

Half Set (up to 90 mins) Lash Technician - £35

Infill (up to 1 hour) Senior Lash Technician - £30 

Infill (up to 1 hour) Lash Technician - £25

Removal - £12 

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Russian XD Volume Lashes*

A revolutionary advanced lashing technique where a hand created fan of between 2 to 6 ultra-fine synthetic eyelashes are applied to one single natural eyelash, creating fluffier looking lashes with visibly more volume than classic lashes.

We recommend regular maintenance every 3-4 weeks following your initial application. 

Full Set (Between 2- 3 hours) - £70

Maintenance Infill (up to 90 Mins) - £50 

Please note that the Maintenance infill price is only valid within 4 weeks of the full set being applied. We will only infill lashes that have been applied in our salon.

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Cluster Party Lashes*

An ideal treatment if you want a quick & temporary lash extension! 


Cluster lashes are as the name suggests, a v-shaped cluster of lashes, which are bound together at the base. We use bulb-less clusters for a more natural look.

(Please do not confuse these with Russian volume lashes, which are a hand-made fan of ultra-fine light weight lashes).


Cluster are placed directly onto your own natural lashes with a sensitive glue, no isolation takes place which is why these lashes must be removed within 2 weeks of application to prevent damaging your own natural lashes... we are so concerned with the health of your natural lashes that we offer a free removal of these extensions, this must be booked at the same time that you book your application appointment.


Full Set (30 mins) - £25

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Lash Lift & Curl*

This treatment is done on your own lashes. It is designed to give your own lashes a lift by straightening and lifting at the same time.

All lashes, even dark lashes have lighter tips so with the added option of having your lashes tinted at the same tip you can add the effect of additional length making your lashes look longer, so all in all the result is a beautiful ‘open’ eye effect.


We use silicone shields which come in different sizes to accommodate different lash lengths and apply a special formula to lift and curl your natural lashes.

To finish, your lashes will be given a conditioning & nourishing treatment to help promote healthy growth.


Lash Lift & Curl (Up to 60 minutes) - £25

Lash Lift, Curl & Tint (Up to 75 minutes) - £30

You will need to wait 6-8 weeks before the process can be repeated.

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Eyebrow and Lash Tinting* 

An eyebrow tint will give your brows the depth and presence to enhance your eyes and eyelash tinting will give the illusion of fuller longer lashes and is perfect if you don’t want to wear mascara, even dark lashes have lighter tips!


10 minutes to apply and can last up to 4 weeks.


Eyebrows - £7

Eyelashes - £11

Eyebrows and lashes - £17 

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High Definition Brows* 

A brow-shaping treatment made up of 7 specially designed steps, we shall begin with a consultation so together we are clear about what’s going to be achieved. We will then proceed with the other steps consisting of tinting, waxing and threading that will give you well-groomed and defined eyebrows.

Most clients will need to under-go a course of treatments until the desired look is achieved, this may consist of 4-8 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart.

Once the desired look is achieved future appointments will consist of tinting and hair removal only.


Single treatment (30 Mins) - £20

Course of 4 treatments (within 4 Months) - £68

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