Hair Removal For Him

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Warm wax is used to quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair.

For larger area such as legs and backs the wax will be applied using a warm wax roller applicator which helps reduce the possibility of cross contamination between clients. 

Where waxing is carried out on smaller areas such as eyebrows and underarms warm wax from a wax heater will be used. 

Please note: We never double dip our spatulas this help maintain good hygiene and again prevents cross contamination. 


Full Leg - £25

Half Leg - £16

Full Arm - £15

Half Arm - £12

Underarm- £10

Eyebrows - £10

Ears - £8.50

Upper Lip (Moustache) - £10

Nostrils - £8.50

Beard Line (Inc. beard oil) - £10

Nape of Neck - £10

Full Back (Inc. Shoulders) - £23

Upper Back (Inc. Shoulders) - £18

Lower Back - £15

Stomach - £10

Chest- £16

Full Back & Chest - £32

Save money with my waxing bundles, these can be selected when booking online!

Example: Eyebrows, Ears & Nostrils £15 (saving £12)                

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Male Intimate Waxing (Using Perron Rigot Hot Wax)

Angela has been trained by the waxing queen herself, Kim Lawless and is fully qualified in her Male Intimate Waxing technique using Perron Rigot hot wax which is gentler on the skin when removing course pubic hair. 

For a detail description of what pubic hair will be removed, please click on the image to the left!


Rolls-Royce - £75

Lamborghini - £60

Maserati - £45

Ferrari - £40

Noble- £35

Aston Martin - £33

McLaren- £28

Bentley - £20

Porsche - £15 

Mercedes - £15

Lexus - £15

Jaguar - £15

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A preferred hair removal technique for a number of reasons. Unlike tweezing or plucking, threading removes one clean line of hair all at once, making it much quicker and easier, ideal for shaping eyebrows.

Threading will not harm the skin like some waxes can.
(Treatment time 10-30 minutes).


Eyebrows - £10

Beardline - £10

Full Face - £25

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The use of tweezers to remove unwanted hair.

Eyebrows - £12

Upper Lip - £10

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