Beauty Treatments - Hands & Feet (New October 2021 Prices)

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Our hands and feet are often overlooked yet our feet work hard carrying us about and are often neglected, and our hands can feel and look amazing with a little TLC

File, Shape & Cuticle Grooming (Fingers or Toes) - £16

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CND Shellac or Halo Polish
This innovative 14 day* gel polish cures in just minutes and will not scratch or smudge. Available in a variety of colours or in a French polish.

No nail damage because there are no drills used.

Salon removal required or the CND Shellac removal tubes can be purchased in store for a safe removal at home.


(includes file, shape, and cuticle care).


File & Polish (Fingers or Toes) - £30

Removal & Re-application - £39

Removal Only - £13

French Tip - £33

Nail Art - Price on request.


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CND Vinylux Nail Varnish (includes file, shape, and cuticle care).

Vinylux is a revolutionary 10-minute drying weekly polish system offering durable, high-shine and week-long wear.  This ground-breaking system includes a self-adhering colour coat that eliminates the need for a base coat and a Prolite topcoat that becomes more durable when exposed to natural UV light to ensure no chipping or scratching for one week. 


Vinylux File & Polish (Fingers or Toes) - £25

If you are having your toes varnished, please remember to wear open toed shoes. 


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The luxurious range of Kaeso manicure products promote gorgeous soft, smooth skin and strong nails.


Deluxe Manicure

Experience velvety soft hands with our deluxe manicure. First your nails will be reshaped, and your cuticles groomed. Your hands will then be bathed and gently exfoliated. Then enjoy a luxurious moisture restoring mask treatment in heated mitts. Finally, your forearms and hands will receive a relaxing massage. 


No polish - £32

With CND Shellac or Halo Gel Polish - £45

With Vinylux Polish - £43


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Are you suffering from uncomfortable calluses, cracked heels, and unsightly toenails? Peeling or rough, scratchy skin? If so, you really need Footlogix, our amazing pedicure system.


Footlogix uses the latest patented professional endorsed technology to give fast effective foot care.

It is suitable for pregnant, diabetic clients and those suffering with fungal infections.


Footlogix Prescriptive Pedicure

Invigorate your feet with this prescriptive pedicure. First your nails will be clipped, reshaped, and cuticles groomed. Any hard skin will be gently filed, and your feet will be exfoliated. Enjoy a calf and foot massage and finally any foot problems will be addressed with an appropriate ointment.


No polish (60 Mins) - £35

With CND Shellac or Halo Gel Polish - £48

With Vinylux Varnish - £46

If you are having your toes varnished, please remember to wear open toed shoes.


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IBX (Repairs & Strengthening) Treatment

This is an innovative two-part system offering revolutionary benefits. 

IBX Repair is an intense treatment that targets imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long.

Helps treat weak, thin, and severe nail damage, such as splitting, peeling and free edge delamination. 

IBX can be taken as a stand-alone treatment on natural nails or worn under Shellac or Gel polish.  


No Polish - £20

With CND Shellac or Halo Gel Polish - £35.00

Re-do - £42


IBX Courses of 4 Treatments

No Polish (used within 5 weeks) £70

With CND Shellac or Halo Gel Polish (used within 8 weeks) £145


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* Please note that CND shellac & Halo Gel Polish can last up to 14 days with correct aftercare and TLC, if you do experience a problem within 3 days of application please contact us on 0116 2602000 or text 07712607936 for a free repair, you must contact us within the 3 days! 

Polite Note about CND Shellac & Halo Gel Removal:

Please note that we are more than happy to remove another technicians shellac or gel polish but this may incur an additional cost of £5 for every 15 minutes over the necessary time required to remove CND Shellac (15 minutes). This is due to us not knowing for sure what another salons technician has used, other brands can take longer to remove and more than one attempt maybe required!

Please advise us at the time of booking if you already have something on your nails which will need removing.


Please note we do not remove acrylic or gel extensions.