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Individual Eyelash Extensions Advice:


Prior to your treatment:

* When having your first eyelash extensions treatment, you must have a patch test done 24 hours prior to the treatment. A patch test will be done in order to be sure that you do not have an adverse reaction to the products I will be using during the treatment.


If you experience red, blotchy, hot or irritated skin you may be allergic to the products I have used. Please wash the area with cold water and if irritation persists you may want to consult medical care.



Just before your treatment:

   * I will check the test patch area for reaction.

   * I will conduct a full and in depth consultation to asess your needs and to check for contra-indications. 

   * All information provided will be stored in strict accordance with the data protection act and will never be shared with any third parties.

   * The information your provide will be used by me for your initial appointment anbd future appointments only.


   * Eyelash Extensions treatment will be given while laying on a massage table.

   * The therapist will carefully apply a micropore tape on your bottom lids in order to separate your top eyelashes from the bottom ones.

   * At a small extra cost you can choose instead to have a treatment eye pad applied that can help with puffy, dark circles or aging lines under the eye. 

   * Then you will be asked to close your eyes for the time while the treatment is being carried out.

   * Individual lashes will be attached 1 to 1 to your natural eyelashes with an adhesive. If at any time during the treatment you experience any discomfort please tell me.

   * The application may take up to 2 hours depending on the look you desire to achieve.


Infill Application:

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and can last up to 3 months. They only fall out along with the natural lashes as they go through their natural shedding cycle (if cared for appropriately). As a natural lash sheds it will take the extension attached to it along with it, gradually creating gaps between extensions, that is when you need to have the infills. Infills should be carried out every 3-4 weeks to maintain the desired effect.


Infill Application:

* Lashes should only be removed by a professionally with a solution that dissolves the adhesive. (DO NOT PULL AT YOUR LASHES!)


After Care:

Please follow the advice below to ensure your lashes remain looking good and last as long as possible.

  * For the first 8 hours after application do not allow water to contact lashes, including rain and tears!

  * For the first 48 hours after application please avoid face steaming, a steam bath and steam rooms, washing your face with hot water, swim, use a hot tub, saunas or Jacuzzi’s.

  * Be gentle with your lashes, avoid  touching or rubbing your eyes and pat them dry after cleansing etc.

  * Try to avoid sleeping with your face in your pillow as you may tug or crush your lashes.

  * Do not allow harsh heat sources close to your extensions like hair dryers, styling irons or other heat source as heat may harm your

  * Do not allow oil based products to come in contact with your lashes, please check your make-up remover, cleansers and mascara’s content, this can includes waterproof mascara. Using oil based products will affect the bonding of the lashes and cause premature shedding.

  * Do not perm or tint lash extensions.

  * Do not use an eyelash curler as this will break the lash extension and the natural eyelash.

  * Do not pull, tug or attempt to remove your eyelash extensions yourself as you’ll also lose your natural eyelashes too. Please make an appointment for me to gently remove them for you as I will use the correct products and techniques thus not affecting your natural lashes.

  * To ensure the long lasting of your lashes regular maintenance is required, I recommend that you schedule an infill appointment no later than 3 weeks following your initial eyelash extension application, and then every 3-4 weeks to keep them looking stunning!

  * If you use on a regular basis it is recommended that you allow your natural eyelash to breath for 2 weeks every 6 months.

  * If you experience red, blotchy, hot or irritated skin you may need your lashes removing due to an allergic reaction please contact me immediately. You may also need to consult your GP.


  * If you have any concerns about your lashes within the first 48 hours please contact me. Some shedding each day is a natural process due to your own lash re-growth.




If you would like to discuss a Individual Eyelash Extensions further or would like to make a booking please call me on 0116 260 1555 or use the form on the contact page.