Massage Information, Preparation & After Care Advice




Which massage is best for me? It really depends on what, if any, ailments you want help with or how you want to feel after your treatment. I would recommend that you contact me to discuss your options further.

How long will the massage last? I have listed the times alongside the prices. I book out enough appointment time to also include a consultation, time for you to undress and then dress again.

Do you massage men? Yes, I am happy to massage men, however it saddens me to have to write the following but unfortunately, I have had a few bad experiences over the years.

I am a professional therapist offering professional massage, beauty & holistic treatments only! Please do not embarrass yourself by acting or speaking inappropriately, otherwise I will have no other option but to ask you to leave, but first you will be required to pay for your treatment to cover my wasted time. I will also request that you never return... Please do not waste my time or yours!



Very little preparation is required, please arrive for your appointment clean and smelling fresh.

* Women – Knickers must be worn but you can choose to go topless.

* Men – Boxers / briefs must be worn! If you arrive not wearing any, I may refuse to carry out your treatment and no refund will be issued.



Massage Aftercare Advice

After enjoying any massage, it is perfectly normal to experience the following, known as contra-actions:


* Feeling tired or increased energy, (if you are experiencing tiredness please take care if driving).

* Increased bladder/bowel movements.

* Cold like symptoms

* Changes in sleep pattern

* Localised tenderness, aching or soreness within the muscles, (please remember to tell me about your experience on next visit so I can consider adapting the treatment).

* Headache, dizziness, or nausea (if experienced drink water!)

* Temperature changes

* Heightened emotions, even being tearful.

These reactions occur as your body works to re-balance and detoxify.

These reactions will last no longer than 24-48 hours, but if you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.

After your massage.

* Drinking plenty of water, squash, or herbal teas to help flush out any toxins.

* Avoid large meals, try eating a light healthy meal.

* Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine for at least 12 hours.

* Avoid smoking for as long as possible.

* Avoid strenuous exercise and allow time to rest and relax mentally and physically.

* Listen to your body, if you feel tired try having a nap, if you feel full of energy go for a short walk but DO NOT overexert yourself.

* Gentle stretching can help if you suffer from tension in the same areas.

* For long term results book in for regular treatments and follow the aftercare advice provided. 


These reactions will last no longer than 24-48 hours, if you have any concerns immediately following your treatment please contact me on 0116 260 2000.

If you experience any spots or rashes for more than a week, please consult with your GP.